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Lancaster University Research Partners members have a broad and varied background of education, work and training including...

Range of educational subjects include…

Social Studies
Social Research Methodology
Master of Business Administration
Social Work
Quality of Life and Chronic Illness
Multimedia and I.C.T.
Research Methods
Occupational Therapy

Forum members have a range of experience and training in:

Research Methods (IOELC)
Peer Education (End of Life Care)
Introduction to Palliative Care Research
Cancer Network workshops and training days
Cancer voices
CeCo Annual Conference
NCRI Conference
NCIN Conference
EAPC Conference Glasgow
Cancer and Ageing
Hospital Peer Review
Ageing and Disability conference
LGBT Youth Work
Non-Directive Counselling
British Sign Language (intro/level 1/level2)
Disability Issues

We have and do work in a broad range of areas:

Social Services Child Care/ Child Protection (Service Manager)
Disability Issues (Employment, Care and Equality)
Garden Centre (Nurseryman)
Liverpool Mutual Aid Centre (Human Rights Activist)
Community Arts (Pyrotechnics and Performance)
Private Home Tutor (Computing)
Senior Education Tutor (Lancaster University DCE)
Freelance Gardener
Painter and Decorator
Academic Support Worker (Lancaster University/ University of Cumbria)
Personal Assistant
Commercial Officer BT
Founder Member/Director of Older People Researching Social Issues, (OPRSI)
Accommodation and housing related support for clients with learning disabilities and mental health problems.
Mechanical Engineer (Automotive Exhaust Industry)