Current members of the Forum are:

Gail Capstick, Chair
Jean Ellis, Member
Daisy, Member
Bert Green, Member
Rita Hewitt, Member
Janet, Member
Irene McGill, Secretary
David Pedder, Website

Professor Katherine Froggatt, Academic
Dr Nancy Preston, Academic

Gail Capstick

Qualifications and Expertise:
  1. MA Leadership and Sustainability
  2. MSc Housing Practice
  3. MA Industrial Relations
  4. Llb (law degree)
  5. BA Hons Social Ethics and Education

Professional Qualifications:

Post Graduate Certificate of Education
Lancaster University Cert in IT
Member of the Chartered Institute of Housing

Gail has a background in teaching and housing. She worked for 14 years as a business studies teacher, ten of which were as head of department. She worked in universities for two and a half years, teaching for a year and setting up a service user and carer project which still exists. She is a housing professional and a member of the Chartered Institute of Housing. The work in housing has been for voluntary sector providers although she has also worked for local authorities and a housing association. This included community engagement and service user consultations in housing and with clients of social care. Some of this has been with groups considered hard to reach. Gail also worked with clients experiencing domestic violence and at one time was chair of Lancaster and District Women’s Aid. She has done some work in connection with older people and their support needs in housing.

For LURP particular areas of expertise are housing generally, community engagement, older people, people with learning disabilities and clients with learning disabilities. As a former teacher and trainer skills that Gail can contribute are in the preparation and contribution to presentations. She is able to write for audiences at a number of different levels, for people with learning disabilities who are readers and those with higher levels of ability. Gail can contribute to the group is assessing and analysing material as to suitability for different audiences.

Whilst a member of LURP Gail has participated in a number of studies, the Approach study which was in connection with care homes, and the Stroke Study. Dave, put in a link here? She has also looked at a number of research proposals with other members of LURP and commented on these. Gail has presented information on some of the activities of the group at a CECO conference, a PCT conference and at a recent event at Lancaster University.

Jean Ellis

A retired Operations Manager with a rural Local Authority, Jean has extensive experience of managing and developing social care services for older people, children and people with learning disabilities, in residential and domiciliary settings. The empowerment of the individual and respect for their personal autonomy has been central to her approach, and continues to be so as she engages with researchers, facilitate focus and discussion groups or act as an advocate. The research undertaken for Jean's M.A. ( Lancaster University 1992) explored the challenging interface between Health and Social Care, providing her with valuable insights into their respective organisational and professional cultures. At a personal level Jean manages chronic medical conditions with conventional and complementary therapies, including Homoeopathy and Reiki.

Bert Green

Bert has training in research methods and experience as a member of NWURAG for several years, and currently as a member of the Research Partners offering feedback on health research proposals and studies. He has patient experience of GP, hospital and dental services and as a carer, experience of hospital and nursing home visiting with his father: towards the end of hisfather's life he lived through mild Parkinson's and dementia. Bert's previous involvement includes, as a member of OPRSI, usually with academic or social service partners relating to the practice and quality of health and social care.

Recently Bert has been involved in research projects as a member of public advisory groups, helping to develop public involvement impact assessment framework. Bert is also attending meetings of the multi-disciplinary team researching the possibility of using the record of high frequency acoustic events as biomarkers of osteoarthritis in the knee joints.


Janet was in Special Education as teacher and administrator. She cared for her husband at home while he died of cancer.
Janet was diagnosed with Lymphoma and helped to start a local support group for Lymphoma and Leukaemia patients.
Trained as a facilitator of self-management courses for cancer patients, Janet co-produced ‘Looking to the Future’ Planning Portfolio for End of Life. She was filmed by Conversations for Life and is an experienced public speaker on issues related to chronic conditions and end of life issues.

Irene McGill

Irene is a retired Service Manager in Safeguarding Children and has been involved in Health Research for about 7 years. Irene has a MSc in Social Research Methodology, and this gives her a solid basis from which to work . For the last 15 years Irene has had a long term physical illness, so is well versed, as a patient, in primary and secondary care. Irene also cared for her brother for four years before he died from bowel cancer.

Since involving herself in research Irene has gone on to become a member of the RfPB funding panel, she co chairs the NWPinR Forum Working group. Alongside this Irene is a public reviewer for the HTA and the HS&DR and has been involved as a PPI member in a number of research projects on steering groups and public advisory groups.

Currently Irene is a member of a NICE guideline development group looking at non alcoholic liver disease .Irene is a member of Peer Education group on end of life care and is secretary to the Continuing Learning group and the Research Partners Forum.